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noneWelcome to myHoarder!


* Warhammer Invasion now accessible.


* Added DSA Dark Force Data without the Images.
* As it happened i owned a nearly complete DSA:DF collection years ago. Around 2004 we had a strong winter here and the house i lived in that time got a broken waterpipe in the cellar, so most of my collectibles were...watered and destroyed...among the victims was my DSA:DF collection (*sigh*). I lost nearly all my Rage and Jyhad-Cards there as well...! Hell, i LOVED Jyhad. (note to self: add WhiteWolf TCGs asap!)
* Btw.: anyone in EU remembering the Ads Schmidt-Spiele used to show in TV-breaks in the 80's and 90's? :)
* Btw.#2: DSA:DF had the common formfactor of playcards, which was (and is) standard in EU (6x9) but you couldn't use your UP-collectors Albums, which were standard that time (and still are for TCGs).
* You started a personal project, you worked with it...successfully. You expanded it...and at some point you recognize you choosed a base which will never fullfill the needs you have in mind for the project at its planned, future start crying...Do you know that feeling?


* Added World of Warcraft TCG Data (complete) and most of the Images.
* Added Warhammer Invasion LCG (carddata only - currently no query possible, sorry).
* TBD: As this site is now able to display multiple TCGs we are in a bad need of a new graphical design...


* Added the Magic 2015 Core Set to the Database.
* Editions now sorted by name.
* Fixed some minor issues within the code.
* Added fresh background-images. ^^


* A simple queryform is located to the left - feel free to query through the Editions.


* Static tables are up and running, just in time with the Journey into Nyx Launch. ^^
* Working on the account-Areas (comments, personal lists, etc.pp.).

* Take a look at the Header: beta !
* You will only find the basic lists here atm. Sorry, still working.

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